February New Arrivals

Set the tone for spring with a classic color palette and easy pieces that will last you through summer. For guys, modern blazers and subtle prints grounded in neutrals look good no matter where you’re headed. Ladies, slip into a chic-meets-sporty dress in black & white and you’ve got style in a second. (We call this striped dress the fashion problem-solver.) Check out all the new arrivals for February and tell us what you think!


Sick of wearing the same thing every day? Branch out without leaving your comfort zone this season with a refined casual look. A color blocked cardigan brings out the tonal lines in this tartan plaid shirt, while a striped scarf and pop-sole wingtip add some eye-catching appeal. Finish the look off with a classic watch, aviators and leather belt. Don’t forget a spray of Reserve and you’re out the door.

1. Reserve for Men
2. Striped Scarf
3. Leather Belt
4. Watch
5. Aviator Sunglasses
6. Wingtip Shoes

Get the Look: Urban Utility

The camo trend is taking over – you’ll see it on everything from watches to shoes this season – and it’s got great layering potential for fall. Inspired by classic military fatigues, you can’t really go wrong with this rugged look. But don’t go camo crazy; for accessories, a watch and a tote in this print would suffice. Or if you’re rocking the camo sweater, keep it down to earth with these washed-out desert tones.

1. Camo Hat
2. Aviators
3. Honor for Men
4. Camo Watch
5. Canvas Tote
6. Reversible Belt
7. Suede Boot
8. Crew Neck Sweater