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I know we guys aren’t always the best listeners, but we really do care. We don’t ask for directions and we swear we can assemble that Ikea table. And a lot of us think we’re fine with one or two pairs of jeans. But don’t believe us. We need help. We did a survey at Men’s Health recently asking women what they like and don’t like about how we wear our jeans. Turns out you have some strong opinions. Of the women polled, 86 percent said the first thing you notice about us and our jeans are how they fit in the butt. We might not ask you for help but here are the three things guys need to know about denim.

Stretch to Fit

Women have known about the benefits of a few percent of spandex in jeans for years. But for guys, the notion of stretch denim can be frightening. It’s one of the reasons a lot of brands don’t make a big deal to guys about this innovation in denim. They quietly add stretch to our jeans and we have no idea why one pair is so much more comfortable and forgiving than the other. Whether you’re sitting on a cross-country flight or heading out for a long night, direct guys to denim with some flexibility and watch them gravitate to that pair over and over again.

Think Slim

As men, our main goal when we’re getting dressed is comfort, which means l-o-o-s-e. 74 percent of the women we surveyed said they think we wear our jeans too big. Baggy jeans equal baggy butt, so the best advice to give guys is to try a slimmer fit. That doesn’t necessarily mean rock-star skinny for everyone. By and large, straight leg fits, like the Express Rocco Straight – are the most democratic and look best on most body types. Tall, slim guys can wear skinnier fits with ease. I’ve found the best way to make the point about what looks good and what doesn’t are compliments from our gals. Guys are nervous about trying new things, so if you’re helping move your man to a slimmer fit jean, re-assurance that it looks good goes a long way.

Add Variety

Men are hunters and gatherers. When we need to eat, we go get food. When the car breaks, we fix it. We hate to shop and if you tell us we need to add to our one pair of faded jeans, the answer will be, “why?” And here’s the answer: Guys can wear jeans just about everywhere and adding a few more pairs will allow us to be more relaxed and look cooler than that guy in baggy gray trousers. White jeans and a navy blazer is a classic style that some guys might not consider, but I bet you think it’s pretty sexy. Tell him so. Add a pair of gray jeans for nights out, worn with a cardigan and T-shirt. The last piece of the puzzle is a crisp pair of dark denim, worn with a shirt and tie, and his denim wardrobe is complete.

Brian Boye of Men's Health

Featured Blogger: Brian Boye
The 4 Rules of Mastering Denim

Featured Blogger Brian Boye- The Four Rules for Mastering Denim

The good news is that we can wear jeans just about anywhere today. But that doesn’t mean you can wear any jeans anywhere. Men have more options for expressing their personal style with this most essential clothing item, but there’s a right style and fit for different occasions.

Beyond Blue

Blue jeans will always be the workhorse of the denim family, but there are more options now and adding variety to the mix gives you a more creative edge. Gray, burgundy and white look great on guys and are easy to wear. Let the colored jeans be the star of your outfit by pairing them with a simple neutral, like a blue denim shirt or a white button down. Are you lucky enough to be able to wear jeans to work? Don’t ruin it for the rest of us by wearing faded, torn jeans. Darker rinses in serious shades like black and blue are best for 9-5. The basic jeans wardrobe should consist of a few pairs: simple and dark, faded for weekends and evenings and a few options in different colors.

Fit is King

I hope you don’t spend as much on your jeans as you do on your suit, but do spend the same amount of attention to getting the right fit. The most essential element to looking good in anything you wear is how it fits. Clothing that’s too large makes you look dumpy. Too small and you look big. Well-fitting jeans sit right at your waist and fit comfortably through the thigh. If you have to struggle to get your keys out of your pocket, they’re probably too tight. Skinny jeans – like the Express Rocco Skinny – look better on skinny guys. Guys with athletic builds look best in straight leg fits. A few extra pounds? Opt for something slightly more generous like the Express Kingston Straight fit.

Opposites Attract

The most important rule in style is balance. Wear something fitted with something more forgiving. Pair dark and light. With jeans, I like a faded pair of jeans with the jacket from my favorite black suit and a crisp white tee and a leather jacket. You can wear this with a pair of sneakers but it’s just as cool with a pair of shiny black oxfords. Hey, it worked for James Dean.

The Details

As guys we have it pretty easy. Throw on a shirt and a pair of jeans and we’re good to go. The only problem is, we’re all doing the same thing and once you get to where you’re going, there’s a good chance you’ll look like everyone else. The magic happens with the details. A few simple tricks to stand out in the crowd: wear colored socks. The rule of thumb with socks is that they should always match the pants, but mix it up by wearing a bold stripe or a bright pattern. Add an interesting belt in distressed leather or colorful canvas. It’s the easiest way to go from basic to interesting. Finally, cuff your jeans. It’s a great way to draw attention to your favorite shoes.

Brian Boye of Men's Health