#EXPRESSU AMBASSADORS – What’s up for summer?

Collegiate ambassadors get ready for summer

Right now, our #ExpressU Collegiate Ambassadors are celebrating the start of summer with a toss of a cap and nostalgia for their campus life, or a plan to enjoy one of their last long breaks.

Before heading home, they talked up their favorite school memories and summer fashions, the best part about being an #ExpressU Ambassador and their coolest plans for the long, hot season ahead.

Bonus: Today on Snapchat, Ambassadors from each campus will even let you in on some of their school-end festivities. Friend Express now so you don’t miss out!

What’s on your summer schedule?

Collegiate ambassadors get ready for summer

Amy, ASU: “Getting a big girl job and going to the beach a lot!”

Taylor, SU: “Going to concerts. I’m most looking forward to Governors Ball at Randall Island in NYC.”

Alison, OSU: “Shopping!!!!”

Got any travel plans?

Jacqueline, ASU: “Studying abroad in Italy! I am so excited to explore this beautiful country.”

Emily, OU: “I plan on visiting all of my friends in the different cities they live in like Chicago, Charleston, Columbus, etc.”

What’s your summer
style go-to?

Gabriella, U of Miami: “Denim shorts and a tank top, or a bathing suit and the beach!”

Carly, ASU: “A beachy floppy hat.”

Brian, OSU: “Short sleeve button-ups and above-the-knee shorts!”

New grads, how are you
celebrating the end of school?

Collegiate ambassadors get ready for summer

Natalie, SU: “With friends, reminiscing at all of my old college stomping grounds.”

Morgan, OU: “I hosted a giant graduation party at Huntington Park baseball field in Columbus.”

What have you most enjoyed about being an #ExpressU Collegiate Ambassador?

Collegiate ambassadors get ready for summer

Amy, ASU: “The confidence it’s given me. Whenever I am out and about wearing Express, or even when I post pictures wearing Express, I am always getting compliments on my style.”

Alex, IU: “One hundred percent, the adorable friends I’ve made!”

What’s the most valuable thing you learned from the experience?

graduationCollegiate ambassadors get ready for summer

Ronnie, U of Miami: “The power of planning. I learned how important it is to go through in your head how you see yourself executing the day’s tasks before even getting out of bed. It makes executing those tasks less stressful.”

Amara, IU: “It’s OK to go outside of your comfort zone!”

Thanks to all our #ExpressU Collegiate Ambassadors for being such amazing partners. Have a great summer – you earned it!

Collegiate ambassadors get ready for summer




Style Tips: Slay It At Work

owntheoffice_headlineAiming to crush it at the office? It’s easier to get the attention you deserve when your style’s as strong as your professional cred. Nothing tops off your confidence like knowing you look good. Damn good. Check these tips for an of-the-moment look that’ll earn you points from work hours to happy hour, and that’ll get people talking in all the right ways.

What to wear to work


If your workplace’s dress code leaves some room for creative license, grab it. Try putting a sophisticated sleeveless jacket and wide leg pant with a cheeky graphic tee and sneakers. Clever, fun, love it. And work pieces like these can do double duty on nights and weekends.

What to wear to work


A lace-trimmed blouse or cami under a tailored jacket puts you in line with the lingerie-inspired trend and lets you be your sexy, feminine self – without showing too much.

What to wear to work


When you’re running late or a big project is dominating your brain, it’s good to have a few easy, polished pieces to fall back on. Think a classic blouse, a tailored pant and your most capable-looking accessories. Done.

Got an Express look that makes you feel unstoppable at the office? Don’t keep that to yourself – share in the comments or on Instagram.

Men’s Edit: Packing for an Out of Town Wedding

What to pack for an out of town wedding

Guest or groomsman, your social calendar is probably filling up with weddings. In the stack of invites piling up on your counter, there is probably one for an out-of-town ceremony. Luckily, taking your style game seriously doesn’t mean you’ll have to check a second bag or have a nervous breakdown in the process. Here are our 5 favorite hacks for wedding travel.

What to pack for an out of town wedding

1. Do your homework.

A few weeks before the wedding, check your invite or the couple’s wedding site for a list of activities you’re expected to attend. Are you going to the rehearsal dinner? A swanky brunch? A bar crawl? A few days before, check the local forecast too. Knowing what to expect can save you time and suitcase real estate.

2. Make a plan.

Once you know what you’ll be doing, find the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe that can work for more than one event. Easy care shirts (that won’t wrinkle), chinos that can be dressed up or down, classic tees and slip-on sneakers should be your base wardrobe. Plan an outfit for each day leading up to the wedding and look for overlap. Pro tip: Save even more space by wearing one of those outfits on the plane.

What to pack for an out of town wedding

3. Get your wedding look together.

Consider the venue when you choose your outfit for the big day. A light suit paired with a tee or polo works for a casual beach wedding, or go for chinos and a suit jacket for a backyard ceremony. Whatever you choose, do not pack your wedding look in a checked bag…

4. Round up all extras you’ll need.

Leave room to pack socks, belt, tie and any other accessories you plan on wearing. And make a separate list for your toiletries so you remember everything you need. (You won’t be chatting up bridesmaids if you forgot your toothbrush.)

What to pack for an out of town wedding

5. Make your own post-wedding itinerary.

Now that the happy couple has officially entered into marital bliss, it’s time to have some fun on your own terms. Schedule your departing flight a few days after the wedding and use that time to sneak in a mini vacation. Research cool restaurants to try, check out the local scene, or just hit the beach before you head back to work. You’re already there… why not take advantage?

What to pack for an out of town wedding