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On most days, you’ll find blogger Marcel Floruss working his style on the streets of New York. But recently he jetted overseas to show off his casual wear prowess in an out-of-the-way spot in Copenhagen. “We found this cool little underpass, perfect for the vibes I was feeling that day: ripped jeans and a layered hoodie,” he recalls. Marcel’s big on how these slit-kneed jeans represent a simple approach to the edgy distressed trend. Extra cuffing and sock-free sneakers lend that edge a little playfulness, and his combination of top layers – tee, hoodie and bomber – make the look aspirational.

Marcel FlorussAbout One Dapper Street | @onedapperstreet | Marcel Floruss is “just a German dude who loves fashion and all that goes with it.” Based in New York City, he shares regular posts featuring his travel experiences and his easy, polished sense of style.



The heat’s setting in, so let’s get next-level with some iced cocktails. Pick up an ice pops tray, put together some spiked frozen treats and enjoy solo or with a few of your friends after a long, steamy day.

Boozy Ice Pops

1 part spirits + 2 parts mixer

Freeze overnight.

Run a little warm water over the outside of the molds for easy removal.

WHAT WE TRIED | Coffee with Cream
Combo: Irish Cream Liqueur & Coffee

Tip: The caramel and mint varieties work especially well.

Optional add-ons: When you pull the pops out of the molds, add a squeeze of chocolate shell coating on top before serving. Sprinkle a few walnut pieces on top of that if you want to get really fancy.

Cola with a Kick
Combo: Rum & Cola

For each pop, chop one small leaf of fresh mint.

Pour ingredients into tray and let sit until cola goes flat before freezing.
Optional add-in: Dash of fresh lime juice.

Lemonaid Margarita
Combo: Tequila & Lemonade

For each pop, chop one small leaf of fresh basil.

Pour tequila in first, then add basil and muddle it with a silverware handle before adding lemonade.
Optional add-ins: 1/2 leaf of fresh chopped cilantro, pinch of sea salt.



The Metro Man

The Metro Man blogger Moti Ankari makes a good case for considering roughed up jeans as an alternative to shorts on a hot, muggy day. “There are some days when I feel a bit uncomfortable slipping into a pair of shorts (and you skinny folks know exactly why I feel that way),” he writes in a recent post. “Those days call for a pair of bleached or distressed denim.” A pair like this is stylish for sure, but a lighter wash also won’t absorb as much of the day’s heat, and a few tears on the legs make for built-in ventilation. To work these into a look that’s effortless yet meeting-appropriate, Moti opts for some classic sportswear hookups: a striped tee, fresh, sock-less white kicks and the ultimate fashion workhorse: a simple black blazer. We’re sharing all kinds of ideas for how to wear denim this month – check us out on Instagram to find more.

Moti Ankari in Express Jeans About the Metro Man | @themetroman | Based in NYC, blogger Moti Ankari writes about personal style, all things menswear, the latest trends and more.