According to Louise: Dress Yourself Slim

According to Louise - Dress Yourself Slim

My absolute number one mantra when it comes to fashion is that trends should be available to every size – whether we’re talking the size of your body or the size of your wallet. Clothes are supposed to be fun, experimental, and most of all – used to your advantage to help flatter and streamline your figure.

So, what are my top tips for fashioning yourself skinny? Try a peplum hem, like the one on Hunter’s dress this week. The silhouette makes your waist look smaller, and the peplum fabric will hide a tummy or a muffin top. Just make sure it’s long enough to cover the parts you want hidden.  A peplum top or dress will create a gorgeous, retro-hourglass physique (think Mad Men), then slick on some red lipstick to finish off the look.

Secondly, choose a small print rather than a large one; this will help disguise any lumps and bumps. Use color to your advantage: darker colors will slim the areas you want to minimize while lighter tones will draw attention to your favorite parts. Finally, keep the fit as structured as possible – don’t drown yourself in fabric. Contrary to popular belief, it’ll actually make you look bigger. Instead, go for a size that actually fits: forget about the numbers on the label!

Louise Roe
If you’ve been watching Express on NBC’s Fashion Star, then you’ve met its charismatic, fashion-savvy host Louise Roe. Roe was the Fashion Editor at-large for Glamour magazine, and has contributed to Us Weekly, People StyleWatch,, and Lucky, among others. She knows her stuff and always has the insider scoop.

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