Express PR Intern     Taking a summer position in our NYC design studio was a big move for Hali, the PR intern we found through our Teen Vogue Fashion U partnership. “I grew up in a town where my friends lived on farms and my high school had two hallways. Exploring the city is amazing and a little scary because it is so huge.”

Still, it hasn’t taken Hali long to get into her job, and to fit right in with all the fashion-savvy types in Manhattan. Along with her shop of style picks for a summer in NYC, she’s compiled a list of five must-haves for any girl getting ready to work an internship in a major city.

1. Personal Shade

“I always make sure to bring my own shade for the sunny days in New York. When I came here I noticed everyone sporting the cutest sunglasses, and I needed to get in on the action. I picked up an amazing pair of cateyes and I almost never want to take them off! I love this hat, too. It’s super unique and keeps me cool when I’m relaxing in the park on a lunch break or after work.”

2. Comfortable Shoes

“Between errands for the design studio and places to be after work, I do a lot of walking. I’ve been relying on flat sandals, red espadrille wedges and booties with sturdy stacked heels. Not only are they super stylish and fashion-forward, they are SO comfortable. They’re perfect for wearing to work or just running around town.”

3. Coffee

“Seriously, I’m addicted, and in NYC there’s literally a coffee shop on every corner. A simple black iced coffee keeps me going on my busiest days and leaves me feeling refreshed during a hot New York summer.”

4. Subway pass

“It’s refreshing to be able to go anywhere or do anything that I want, and it’s so great to have an easy, affordable way to get around. I catch up on my favorite social apps, Instagram and Snapchat, on my way into the studio.”

5. An Appetite

“One of the best parts of living in New York City is the food! I love the smell of hot dogs and street vendors, and Thai food recently became one of my favorite indulgences – especially anything with peanut sauce. Also, I’m obsessed with pizza, so I’m currently on a quest to find the best slice in the city.”

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Meet Hali our new intern

We got to meet so many talented, inspiring people in our partnership with Teen Vogue Fashion U, from Leandra Medine to the fashionable girls who’ve been our style ambassadors this spring. Included among them were the college students vying for a position at Express’ NYC studio through our Teen Vogue Fashion U intern search. Today we’re happy to introduce Hali, the girl who won us over. She’ll be interning with our PR department over the summer, handling tasks from media outreach to event planning, and sharing her experiences on this blog. She’s also curated a shop of her fave looks and she’ll be posting the outfits she puts together for her big opportunity on Instagram and Twitter. Until then, here’s what you need to know about this new add to the Express team.


Express PR Intern Hali


Personal Style: “Classic with a twist. I love taking traditional looking outfits and making them personal with accessories like earrings and big necklaces.”

First Fashion Memory: “In third grade, I forced my mom to take me to the fabric store and buy fabric to design my own clothes for my Barbie dolls. Another moment would have to be the first time I watched Legally Blonde. I always wanted to be confident, smart, and stylish like Reese Witherspoon.”

On Working for Express: “I have been wearing Express clothing since high school, and I knew I would love the opportunity to work for the company. Also, I knew I wanted to work in PR because I love how you can have access to exclusive information and work behind the scenes.”


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The World is Your Runway: Teen Vogue Fashion University

Spring Style Ambassadors

Last month, Teen Vogue Fashion University gave us a chance to connect with a handful of as- piring fashion bloggers from around the U.S. and see their styling ideas for our clothes over the weekend-long event. Things went way too well to stop there, so these style ambassadors will be sharing their tips for how to wear Express for work and play all summer long. Keep checking back here to see the debut of their blog-worthy looks.

Emma Walker @emmawlker

  • Debuting: April 27
  • Hometown: Denver, CO
  • Personal Style: “I take trendy pieces and use them in a classic way.”
  • First Fashion Memory: “Watching the opening scene of Sex and the City when I was in 6th grade and begging my mom to let me buy a tutu!”
  • Motivational Jam: “‘Be Okay’ by Oh Honey. It makes me feel energized and really positive about the day ahead of me.”

Deanna Sylvester @de_sylvester

  • Debuting: May 4
  • Hometown: Munster, IN
  • Personal Style: “Minimal and trendy, while still being comfortable.”
  • First Fashion Memory: “Watching any show (Soul Train was the best for fashion) or celebrities on TV and drawing their outfits. I would call it the ‘fashion game’ and force my sisters to play with me to see who drew the better outfit.”
  • Trend She Loves: “Definitely fringe! I’ve always been in love with ‘70s fashion and it is a major comeback this year.”

Tamara Kraus @tamararkraus

  • Debuting: May 4
  • Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
  • Personal Style: “Think Audrey Hepburn with a touch of leather or some updated jewels.”
  • Trend She Loves: “Two-piece sets. If you buy two coordinating sets, you can get at least four outfits!”
  • Style Icon: “Lauren Conrad. She lets women know that you can create an empire and it’s more than OK to look fantastic doing it.”

Cassy Stone @poshandcirc

  • Debuting: May 11
  • Hometown: Paramus, NJ
  • Personal Style: “I don’t like to look too put together, even if a lot of meticulousness went into styling my outfit. There’s something intriguing about being able to look amazing while making it look easy.”
  • Motivational Jam: “‘My Type’ by Saint Motel always gets me groovin’.”
  • Style Icon: “Karlie Kloss. I’m starting to find that my everyday wear really emulates her model-off-duty style.”

Caitlyn Mahaffey @stylebycm

  • Debuting: May 11
  • Hometown: San Francisco, CA
  • Personal Style: “Unexpected and comfy with an edge. I love sporty style.”
  • Trend She Loves: “I am obsessed with the sneakers with dresses and skirts trend. It’s fun to incorporate sporty with girly.”
  • Motivational Jam: “‘Sirens’ by Pearl Jam. It takes me back to a difficult time in my life and reminds me how far I’ve come, and that I can do anything.”

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