Meet The Models of Summer 2016

Meet the modelsThe gang’s all here. Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of our latest campaign shoot and get to know the models making summer 2016 sizzle. Can we get a hell yeah?

Midwest-raised Devon Windsor attributes her career to expanding not only the number of stamps on her passport but also her palate.

From high school football star to model on the verge, Torin Verdone is one to watch – and that won’t be hard with those piercing baby blues.

Henry Watkins is a triple threat. He’s ridiculously good looking, plays multiple instruments and volunteers his time to children.

Daughter of a Hollywood icon, Sistine Stallone likes to rock out to 90’s rappers. So nostalgic and we love it.

How about a different kind of pose?

Now it’s time to get more familiar with their looks. Shop new arrivals for women and the latest styles for men.


Express Rocks: Skaters

If there’s one thing that’s easy to notice about NYC rock band Skaters, it’s their insane amount of energy. Check out the video to see them jump around in the Big Room, and talk about how their album is similarly all over the place. (In a good way, of course.)