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DIY Your Denim

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Our Design Guru Talks Denim

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Detail to Love: Thick Stitch

Women's Thick Stitch Denim


Sometimes, denim needs a little extra definition – and that’s exactly why some of our favorite pairs are meticulously stitched with bold, thick threading. Whether they’re bootcut or skinny, these jeans are designed to grab attention wherever they go. Throw on a pair and flaunt what you got – it’s all about attitude.




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Women's Denim Details


We’ve talked about denim washes, fits and shapes and different ways to wear it – but now it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Edgy studs, flirty embellishments and back pocket stitching all add to the casual-cool style of your denim. Whoever coined the phrase “it’s all in the details” must’ve been talking about our jeans.


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Featured Blogger Brian Boye - What Women Want

I know we guys aren’t always the best listeners, but we really do care. We don’t ask for directions and we swear we can assemble that Ikea table. And a lot of us think we’re fine with one or two pairs of jeans. But don’t believe us. We need help. We did a survey at Men’s Health recently asking women what they like and don’t like about how we wear our jeans. Turns out you have some strong opinions. Of the women polled, 86 percent said the first thing you notice about us and our jeans are how they fit in the butt. We might not ask you for help but here are the three things guys need to know about denim.

Stretch to Fit

Women have known about the benefits of a few percent of spandex in jeans for years. But for guys, the notion of stretch denim can be frightening. It’s one of the reasons a lot of brands don’t make a big deal to guys about this innovation in denim. They quietly add stretch to our jeans and we have no idea why one pair is so much more comfortable and forgiving than the other. Whether you’re sitting on a cross-country flight or heading out for a long night, direct guys to denim with some flexibility and watch them gravitate to that pair over and over again.

Think Slim

As men, our main goal when we’re getting dressed is comfort, which means l-o-o-s-e. 74 percent of the women we surveyed said they think we wear our jeans too big. Baggy jeans equal baggy butt, so the best advice to give guys is to try a slimmer fit. That doesn’t necessarily mean rock-star skinny for everyone. By and large, straight leg fits, like the Express Rocco Straight – are the most democratic and look best on most body types. Tall, slim guys can wear skinnier fits with ease. I’ve found the best way to make the point about what looks good and what doesn’t are compliments from our gals. Guys are nervous about trying new things, so if you’re helping move your man to a slimmer fit jean, re-assurance that it looks good goes a long way.

Add Variety

Men are hunters and gatherers. When we need to eat, we go get food. When the car breaks, we fix it. We hate to shop and if you tell us we need to add to our one pair of faded jeans, the answer will be, “why?” And here’s the answer: Guys can wear jeans just about everywhere and adding a few more pairs will allow us to be more relaxed and look cooler than that guy in baggy gray trousers. White jeans and a navy blazer is a classic style that some guys might not consider, but I bet you think it’s pretty sexy. Tell him so. Add a pair of gray jeans for nights out, worn with a cardigan and T-shirt. The last piece of the puzzle is a crisp pair of dark denim, worn with a shirt and tie, and his denim wardrobe is complete.

Brian Boye of Men's Health

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