Collegiate ambassadors get career ready

Collegiate ambassadors get career ready

We’ve all heard the horror stories of college students who scramble for a high-profile internship only to end up learning little more on the job than which coworkers like soy in their latte. So when our #ExpressU Collegiate Ambassadors hosted on-campus events to get students pumped for summer internships and starting their careers, they took the idea of interns getting coffee and had some fun with it.

On top of offering students perks like a photo booth to take pro-quality head shots for online resumes, these events served up an endless supply of caffeine in cups wrapped with inspiration-covered sleeves. Our Collegiate Ambassadors also shared their own stories of successfully getting the attention of prospective employers and major fashion brands, and they passed along a few tips on how to get ahead…

Ronnie, U of Miami, on the best lesson he’s picked up outside the classroom:

“I’ve learned the importance of being true to yourself and genuine in your interactions with professionals.”

Collegiate ambassadors get career ready

Gabriella, U of Miami, on handling pre-interview jitters:

“I really just try to focus on relaxing and being myself. I try to act like I am speaking to a friend so my personality shines through.”

Collegiate ambassadors get career ready
Alex, IU, on the best way to career-prep at school:

“Get involved in everything you can! You can always drop something if it becomes too much, but as the years go on it’s harder to get involved. GET IN EARLY!”

Carly, ASU, on getting the jump on a workday:

“Exercise! Literally the most important way to start your day. A run partnered with a real breakfast ensures that you’re going to have a kick-butt day.”

Taylor, SU, on developing good habits for the working world:

“A rushed morning makes for a frazzled day. Give yourself a couple hours to wake up before heading off to class or work. Yes, sleeping in is great, but that’s why we have the weekend!”

Collegiate ambassadors get career ready
Allison, OU, on picking an interview outfit:

“It is so important to showcase your personality in your dress. I love to play around with professional and casual pieces- mixing is my favorite and can really show the employer that I have both a fun and professional side.”

Abigail, OSU, with her best interview tip:

“I made sure to ask my interviewer questions about a typical day and what would be expected of me. When the answers to those questions made me excited and not bored, I knew the job was exactly what I was looking for.”

Collegiate ambassadors get career ready


Morgan, OU, on finding the right internship:

“Just because an opportunity presents itself doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right one for you. You have to do your research and really listen to your gut.”

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With Mother’s Day around the corner we’re sending love out to the ladies who raised us, and we’re not the only ones. In an exclusive Q&A, style bloggers Grasie Mercedes of Style Me Grasie and Marcel Floruss of One Dapper Street shared stories and memories about their own special relationships with mom.



Grasie: “My mom has always been supportive of my dreams and always encourages me to follow my heart. ‘If it makes you happy, then do it!’ she says.”

Marcel: “To be myself and that one can only change oneself, nobody else. That taught me to be very introspective, and to look at my own faults and how to fix them versus just blaming everyone else… I think it’s a big part of what got me where I am today.”


Marcel: “I mean. Everybody loves their mom. I’d still like to argue that mine’s the best, so it’s hard to just pick one thing. It’s probably that I can literally talk to her about anything, without feeling judged, and I know I’ll get an understanding yet objective answer. It’s crazy how valuable that really is.”

Grasie: “Her strength and immense generosity and love for her children. There are 4 of us and she somehow manages to find time for all of us and makes us each feel special. She would literally do ANYTHING for her children! Sometimes we’re like, ‘Mom, can you just think of yourself for once!’ She’s the best.”


Grasie: “Anytime she tries to sing and dance to the latest pop song while driving, it’s hilarious! My sisters and I laugh so hard we start crying! She has a terrible voice (That’s where I get it from! lol).”

Marcel: “There are thousands of little moments where we just completely lose it over the tiniest things. We both have a very strong tendency to crack up over our own mishaps, and those are the moments that I cherish the most – the ones that literally make my abs hurt for days at a time!”


What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten from Mom? Comment here or share through our Mother’s Day post on Instagram this Sunday.


Men’s Style: Express Tech 1MX


Life’s full of sticky situations. During hot days and heated moments it’s only natural to break into a sweat, but no guy wants to walk into a big meeting looking like he just stepped out of a sauna. With the latest iteration of our bestselling 1MX shirt, there’s no need to.


The Express Tech 1MX shirt is made to keep you looking good in more ways than one. Its crisp stretch cotton fabric is engineered for quick-drying to keep pit stains under control, and for easy care so you can spend less time worrying about ironing.


We’ve made it in three fits and a range of seasonally right colors with the construction details you already love in a 1MX shirt – refined French button placket, mitered cuffs – and fresh details like contrasting cuff insets. For a look that’s clean, cool and on top of things, it’s just a matter of finding the fit and shade you love and a tie that complements your choice.


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