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Introducing: Our First Men’s Ambassador


We’re thrilled to start a new chapter in the Express story with the introduction of our very first menswear ambassador, pro basketball player Stephen Curry. A star point guard, two-time gold medalist, devoted husband and father, Stephen’s also a total ace at showing up in style. Read on to learn more about our new guy – and how you can get a chance to join him at an exclusive NYC party.


An award-winning record breaker even before he went pro as a first-round draft pick in 2009, Stephen’s the pride of Golden State b’ball lovers for his amazing agility and stunning three-point record. On the court, he wears number 30 like his father, retired basketball player Dell Curry, did before him. Off the court, he steps it up with suits for game travel but otherwise likes to keep it casual, and he gets a lot of fashion advice from his wife Ayesha. As Stephen recently told GQ,
When I first got to the league, me and my wife would go shopping for my game looks, I didn’t have a stylist or anything, and Express was one of my staple stores.


As you can see from these exclusive photos, Stephen’s looking crazy sharp in pieces from our spring collection. We’ll officially welcome him as our new ambassador with a launch party in Manhattan on Friday, February 13 in partnership with Grungy Gentleman. Want in on this action? Enter the “Be Ours” sweepstakes on Instagram. You could win a trip to the Big Apple complete with airfare, hotel and tickets to the party, plus a $500 Express gift card to help you get into a new look.
To enter, follow us @ExpressRunway and leave a comment on one
of our “Be Ours” posts tagging the friend you’d like to bring as your plus one.


No purchase necessary. Sweepstakes begins at 10:00 AM on January 24, 2015 and ends at 11:59 am on February 1, 2015. Legal U.S. & Canadian residents (excluding Quebec) 21+, void where prohibited. Odds of winning dependent on number of eligible entries received. See Official Rules.
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Healthy Life: Getting Fit


The booty – it’s been immortalized in song and idolized on magazine covers, and lots of us spend too many hours on it, especially in the office world. Time to get your butt in gear with workout pointers for your lower half inspired by our EXP Core ambassador, Anastasia Ashley, and her top tips for getting fit. Along with tightening up for the beach season ahead, you’ll up your calorie-burning power with a strong lower body routine.


The next time you hit the treadmill, try intervals at a faster speed or higher incline. It’ll give your heart rate and metabolism a few quick boosts and make you sore in some new places – all good as long as you don’t overdo. In your mat work, add one to one-and-a-half-pound weights to your ankles and go for moves like the Leg Raise: Start on all fours and raise one leg with knee still bent so your thigh is straight at hip level, with foot flexed and heel reaching toward the ceiling, then lower. You can also straighten your leg to switch things up, and squeeze your glute and hamstring muscles as you lift to get the most from the move. Feeling extra strong? Secure a three-pound weight to each ankle weight. The results will amaze you!



You can work on your butt almost anywhere. If you’ve got a desk job, try doing simple isometric holds like glute squeezes. Live in a dorm or small apartment? Squats and lunges work for a tight space. Stairs make a good prop, too. Try lying at the bottom of some stairs, back flat on the floor. Prop the arches of your feet on the lowest step and lift your hips high so the only parts of your body that aren’t in the air are your head, feet, neck and shoulder blades. Squeeze your glute muscles at the highest point and then lower your body so your hips tap the steps before lifting again. For a more intense variation, do this move with one leg in the air.


As you aim for a smokin’ backside, keep your whole body in mind. Add arm weights to your lunges and squats. Hold a squat with your weighted arms out in front of you or to the sides, elbows slightly bent, and move your arms in small clockwise circles for 15 seconds, followed by the same move counter- clockwise. For a little more fun and a bigger cardio boost, jump rope. Even better: Call a couple of friends and go Double Dutch.



Post a selfie that shows off your form on Instagram with #EXPCore and tag @ExpressRunway.




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Inspired by pro surfer Anastasia Ashley’s seven tips for getting healthy in EXP Core Performance wear, we’ve got more ideas to share for shaping up in the year ahead. At the top of the list is a focus on the core. Strengthening the muscle group in your torso doesn’t just make sense for the crop top season ahead – it also keeps you stable and balanced, can prevent pain in other parts of the body like the back and helps you walk taller, with more grace in your gait. But before you get deep into those crunches, follow these guidelines to maximize the efficiency of your ab workout. For a little fitspiration, check out the pics of Anastasia working her EXP Core.


Since one of the two types of core muscles attaches directly to your spine and supports its movement, you can’t have a strong core without a strong back. Incorporate moves that target these muscles into your routine like plank exercises or the “swimmer.” For that one, lie on your stomach with core muscles engaged and lower belly off the mat. Lift your upper torso and legs so just your hipbones are on the mat and flutter your limbs as if you’re swimming in place. Stretch your limbs as you do it to get that long, lean look.



Changing up your workout fends off the blahs and also creates muscle confusion, which is crucial for seeing changes in your body. Mix in some variation to your regular-tempo ab routine by adding slow, three-count moves, pulses and ten-second isometric holds. Remember, don’t be afraid to try something new!


Without proper form, you’re not just wasting energy in your ab workout, you could be causing your body injury. Visualization helps make sure you’re exercising right. When you’re on your back and engaging your core, try picturing a straight line connecting your belly button to your spine, drawing it inward as tightly as possible.



If you’re just getting started or you’ve been working out with videos at home for a while, go for a workout class. It never hurts to have an instructor checking your form and introducing you to new exercises. A class can also help keep you motivated, especially if you sign up with a friend and form a pact to see it through together.


Post a selfie that shows off your form on Instagram with #EXPCore and tag @expressRunway.


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Healthy Life: Eating Right


Committing to a healthier lifestyle in the year ahead is a breeze – it’s just the actual follow-through that trips up most of us. So in the coming days we’ll be sharing tips for making the most of your healthy resolution with a minimum of wasted effort, starting with some sound advice from professional meal maker Nick Taranto. Since winning GQ’s 2014 Back to Business Contest, the co-founder and co-CEO of Plated has been building up his unique meal delivery service and now the company ships healthy DIY dishes to 95 percent of the continental United States. Read on for Nick’s advice on making smart dining choices with ease:
Here at Plated, we’re all about making it easy to eat well. That’s why we deliver seasonal, premium and pre-portioned ingredients directly to our customers from the farm to their front door – so they can cook chef-designed recipes at home. Our dishes are created, tested, and re-tested by an in-house culinary team of professional chefs, who work tirelessly to make them well-rounded, healthy and delicious. They carefully consider every tablespoon to get the flavors – and calorie count – exactly where they think they should be. Trying to get the New Year off to a great start? Follow these five tips that Plated makes simple.

Section 1

That includes ordering takeout, which we all know is full of sodium and other unhealthy ingredients. And if you need a little help with the grocery shopping and menu planning bit, Plated takes care of that for you.

Section 2

Instead of carbo-loading on pasta, substitute squash for that spaghetti and make a delicious Spaghetti Squash with Kale and Parmesan Garlic Sauce. Yum.


Section 3

Another reason eating out can be unhealthy: Most restaurants give you double or triple the amount of food you need and it’s hard to resist all of those greasy French fries stacked on your plate.


Section 4

In your quest to start living a healthier lifestyle, you two can motivate each other to get up early and workout together, or meet up on weekends to cook a well-balanced meal.


Section 5

Having a glass of wine or one slice of cake doesn’t make you unhealthy – it makes you human. Savor every sip and bite. Just balance out those indulgences with some exercise and a return to healthful meals.

Visit our Instagram for more tips on staying healthy and keeping your New Years Resolutions



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The New Face of EXP Core Performance


Anastasia Ashley is living proof of just how sexy strong can be. A pro surfer, part-time model, Instagram star and all-around force of nature, the California girl won her first competition on the waves at the age of six on a board she found in the trash. By sixteen she’d picked up her first major national surfing title and since then, she’s developed a reputation on the circuit as a “hard charging big-wave terror.” If you saw her twerking video you know the girl’s got a good sense of humor – not to mention a booty to kill for. But a serious approach to working out is essential to her career success. With her combination of focus and fun, casual style and personal determination, we couldn’t imagine a better person to show off the benefits of our EXP Core Performance wear.

Want to know what makes EXP Core work for Anastasia? Check out the video above.

Of course, we couldn’t partner up with a pro surfer without spending some time on the beach. Here’s a taste of the exclusive pics we’ll be sharing on our Instagram feed from our shoot in Miami.



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