Wine for Girls Night Out

You’ve laughed, cried, danced and had a few (or more) together, and you could see this relationship lasting the rest of your life. Of course, we’re talking about you and your besties.

Regardless of your romantic status, make a night of Valentine’s weekend all about your squad. And just for fun, make the dress code splashy.

Whether it’s a sequin dress to bring sparkle to the night, a leggy romper look with heels, an LBD that brings the see-through details or a barely-there halter dress that seems to float on air, find what makes you feel strong and sexy and work it. With your girls at your back, you can’t go wrong.LBD for Girls Night Out

As for what to do, skip the restaurants that’ll be packed with couples. A few ideas:

  • Play a few slots at the casino.
  • Make a stop at a microdistillery or a below-the-radar bar.
  • Get your palms read.
  • Go see a band you’ve never heard of.
  • Three words: All-night diner.

Women's Dresses for Girls Night Out
Women's Dresses for Girls Night Out

What fun destinations have you hit with your friends? Share in the comments.



Gout Out on Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

When February 14 rolls around, you expect to see lots of girls celebrating V-Day in sexy little dresses. But for some ladies, doing what’s expected just doesn’t sound right. For these rule-breakers, we’ve got tips on how to mix up your Valentine’s style and still leave ’em hot & bothered.

Heels, jewelry and a handbag to add to your Valentine's Day outfitWomen's ankle pants, going out top, leather jacket and heels
Women's Portofino Shirts

For a going out look, we love the idea of balancing more coverage with body-conscious silhouettes, especially if you and your date are going out in chilly weather. But drape can be dramatically sexy, too. Just pair something that flows like a Portofino Shirt in a sweet print with a form-fitting counterpart like dark denim or scuba leggings. And don’t forget some skin.

The combination above – embellished, shoulder-baring cami and sleek black pants – is a good example of getting the mix just right. From there, being date-ready is just about adding accessories that enhance the sexy vibe you’re after (tip: there’s no better moment to rock a pop of red) and finishing with a scent that suits you – like our newest fragrance, Amaze Express.Women's Sour Cherry heels, sunglasses, lip gloss and handbagStaying In Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Skipping the V-Day crowds for an intimate night in? Feel free to keep things casual, but be sure to choose pieces that show you thought of your company as much as your comfort. One outfit possibility: Jeans in a silhouette that flatters your shape with Express One Eleven layers on top. The fabrics feel great to the touch, and flesh-baring styles like this double-V cami will give your bae an irresistible eyeful.Women's Express One Eleven ribbed tankWomen's graphic tees Another indoor option: Soft leggings and a Valentine-appropriate graphic tee. If V-Day hits while you’re still in the getting-to-know-you phase of a relationship, a look like this keeps the mood of the night light and easygoing, and a good statement tee helps clue your date in on exactly what you’re thinking.Women's Express One Eleven bodysuit

What are you wearing on V-Day? Are you loving a dress look or looking for something different? Our Comments section is live & ready for you to share.


Have you made it through the first month of the year with your resolutions intact? In case you could use a motivational bump, we’ve got hot new EXP Core Performance wear looks and smart ideas for healthy living from two of our favorite style bloggers.

Julia Engel - Gal Meets GlamTrees and mountains, girl hiking in Express EXP Core

Gal Meets Glam blogger Julia Engel took a hike in San Fran’s gorgeous Muir Woods wearing a workout tank, jacket and leggings with elements of sheerness in each. She not only looks super-stylish, she makes exercise look like a treat. That’s part of Julia’s plan. “Instead of setting fitness goals this year, I’ve decided to just focus on physical activities that I enjoy and doing more of them,” Julia says. If it’s something you like to do, it feels a lot less like something you have to do.
Emily Jackson - Ivory Lane

Berries and girl with her dog in Express EXP Core

In the past, Emily Jackson of Ivory Lane had a hard time holding to resolutions because she’s made so many of them. “So this year I chose ONE thing to focus on… be healthier!” says the Utah-based blogger. She went for even more sheerness with her hot EXP Core leggings for whipping up a snack heavy on the whole fruit, seeds and grains. We know, sometimes a girl’s got to have a donut, but for the most part be like Emily and make ingredients like these a bigger part of your life.

What have you been up to in EXP Core Performance wear? Share on Instagram with #ExpressLife.