Express PR Intern There just aren’t enough sad emojis to show how much we’ll miss Hali, our summer PR intern. From Hali’s time in our New York design studio to her guided tour through the city’s touristy hotspots, to the shop she’s curated this summer with all her favorite looks, it’s been big fun getting to know her. But now she’s got to get back to the University of Michigan and put her new skills to work for her junior year and beyond. Before we parted ways we asked Hali to share what’s made the biggest impact on her during her internship, and for tips to pass along to other aspiring fashion pros.

On the intern experience:  “Over the summer, I feel like I created a professional identity I’d never possessed before. In previous work, I was mainly responsible for myself. Now I was part of a team and I was responsible for representing Express in the best possible way. This really made me realize that it’s essential to always do your best work - not for yourself, but for others. I learned to work hard and always stay organized.”Express Intern, Hali

Advice for the internship seeker:  “With hard work and determination anything is possible. If interning in the fashion world is really something you’re interested in, don’t be afraid to go after what you want.” “Also, networking is absolutely essential these days. People in my generation are living in a world that’s more about ‘the hands you shake rather than the grades you make.’ I’m not saying that doing well in school isn’t important; knowing someone may get you an interview but education will secure a career. I am saying that it’s always important to put your best foot forward with everyone because you never know who could help you out in a few years. Along those lines, always maintain a level of professionalism in all areas of your life, even social media.”

Her most valuable lessons: “Always keep learning. Especially as an intern, it’s essential to learn something new every day at work. And just keep working hard, but still make sure to have some fun!”


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She’s kept her cool while learning what it takes to promote a major fashion brand, but how will Hali the PR intern handle a starring role in a spread for Teen Vogue? Just before the September issue hit newsstands, we asked her about the experience of stepping in front of the camera and wearing some pieces she loves from our fall collection. Check out Hali’s shop to find all of her current faves.

Were you nervous about the photo shoot? 

It was pretty intimidating. I had no idea what to expect, and even then the shoot went above and beyond anything and everything I had imagined! There was just so much to the overall production. Also, so many girls, myself included, read Teen Vogue, so I’m nervous about how many people are going to see it and I really want to represent the brand well.

Was there anything about the behind-the-scenes work for the shoot that surprised you?

I think I was most surprised by how many different people it took to execute the shoot, from hair and makeup on. I not only gained new insight, but also so much respect for these people. They work so hard and are so great at their jobs, especially when working with just a “normal” girl like me.

Did you have a favorite part of the experience?

My favorite part was the initial styling process. There were so many racks of clothing and accessories for me to try on. Sometimes there was an outfit that I was like, “I could wear this any given day,” and other times, pieces I wouldn’t have thought to combine ended up looking amazing together.

Out of all the looks you wore for the photo shoot, what was your fave?

My favorite look was a burgundy shirt and faux suede button-front skirt. I am absolutely obsessed with the skirt! Overall, it was just a really comfortable look that I felt spoke to my true style.

Are you happy with the results?

So happy. I spent half the day just hoping I gave everyone at least one good shot to use. When I finally saw the whole thing, I was shocked by how great it turned out! And there’s no way it would’ve been so good without the entire team behind it working so well together.

Coming up: Hali says goodbye! She’ll reflect on her intern experience and how what she learned can help others develop in their professional lives.



Hali the PR intern at Express

Our NYC Design Studio has been keeping Hali the PR intern busy during the workdays – and she’s been up to a lot in her off time, too. Hali spent a weekend getting around town, checking out some sweet spots and old-school tourist attractions. For anyone who lives within a few hours of the city that doesn’t sleep, it’s not too late to plan your own summer getaway – just let Hali’s experience be your guide. And you can shop her looks from wherever you are.

FRIDAY | Coney Island

Coney Island was on my list of must-go places in the city, so my friend Kelsey and I made the long trek on the train. There’s so much to do there. Even just walking along the boardwalk, taking in the atmosphere and people-watching is fun. We indulged in Nathan’s Famous hot dogs and fries (they did not disappoint) and went on all the different rides. The ferris wheel at Coney gave us an incredible view of the ocean and the city skyline. We also played tons of cheesy arcade games. Before we left, we watched the fireworks they have every Friday night. It all made me feel like a little kid again! Such a fantastic ending to a perfect night.”

FRIDAY MORNING | Run on westside highway

“I discovered the perfect place to run: the West Side Highway. It’s right along the water and the scenery is unreal. You just have to be careful not to get hit by someone on a bike. (I’ve had more than a few close calls!) Part of why I love this spot is the park that’s right across the street from where I end my run. I go there to stretch and catch my breath, and then I reward myself with a fresh grapefruit juice from Chelsea Market. With that and the view, it’s always a nice treat!”

SATURDAY AFTERNOON | Walk on the high line

The High Line‘s an old, elevated railroad track that was converted into a park and walkway that overlooks the city. It’s such a relaxing and beautiful escape from the concrete. Each corner is filled with flowers and benches, there are tons of cute vendors and the Whitney Museum is also right alongside it.”

SATURDAY EVENING | Movie in bryant park

“When I learned that Bryant Park has free outdoor movie nights during the summer, I knew I had to attend at least one. My friend Kelsey and I watched the classic I’m No Angel and the star, Mae West, had such fun style. There couldn’t be a more perfect way to watch a movie in the city. Add in a little popcorn and it’s essentially the best night ever. ”

SUNDAY | Brunch & sightseeing

“I grabbed Sunday brunch with a friend at The Coffee Shop in Union Square. This place has been here forever and for good reason – the food was fantastic! It gave us a chance to catch up and relax before I headed to Midtown to visit the Empire State Building. This is something I’ve always dreamed of doing, and it was the most breathtaking view I have ever seen of the New York City skyline. It’s come up on one of my favorite shows, Gossip Girl, but actually being there, over 80 stories high, was magnificent and a little scary. Whenever I remember this, I’ll think of skyscrapers stretching for miles and feeling like I was on top of the world.”

Sightseeing in NYC

Coming up next from Hali: A behind-the-scenes look at what goes into a national press event.