Hali the PR intern at Express

Our NYC Design Studio has been keeping Hali the PR intern busy during the workdays – and she’s been up to a lot in her off time, too. Hali spent a weekend getting around town, checking out some sweet spots and old-school tourist attractions. For anyone who lives within a few hours of the city that doesn’t sleep, it’s not too late to plan your own summer getaway – just let Hali’s experience be your guide. And you can shop her looks from wherever you are.

FRIDAY | Coney Island

Coney Island was on my list of must-go places in the city, so my friend Kelsey and I made the long trek on the train. There’s so much to do there. Even just walking along the boardwalk, taking in the atmosphere and people-watching is fun. We indulged in Nathan’s Famous hot dogs and fries (they did not disappoint) and went on all the different rides. The ferris wheel at Coney gave us an incredible view of the ocean and the city skyline. We also played tons of cheesy arcade games. Before we left, we watched the fireworks they have every Friday night. It all made me feel like a little kid again! Such a fantastic ending to a perfect night.”

FRIDAY MORNING | Run on westside highway

“I discovered the perfect place to run: the West Side Highway. It’s right along the water and the scenery is unreal. You just have to be careful not to get hit by someone on a bike. (I’ve had more than a few close calls!) Part of why I love this spot is the park that’s right across the street from where I end my run. I go there to stretch and catch my breath, and then I reward myself with a fresh grapefruit juice from Chelsea Market. With that and the view, it’s always a nice treat!”

SATURDAY AFTERNOON | Walk on the high line

The High Line‘s an old, elevated railroad track that was converted into a park and walkway that overlooks the city. It’s such a relaxing and beautiful escape from the concrete. Each corner is filled with flowers and benches, there are tons of cute vendors and the Whitney Museum is also right alongside it.”

SATURDAY EVENING | Movie in bryant park

“When I learned that Bryant Park has free outdoor movie nights during the summer, I knew I had to attend at least one. My friend Kelsey and I watched the classic I’m No Angel and the star, Mae West, had such fun style. There couldn’t be a more perfect way to watch a movie in the city. Add in a little popcorn and it’s essentially the best night ever. ”

SUNDAY | Brunch & sightseeing

“I grabbed Sunday brunch with a friend at The Coffee Shop in Union Square. This place has been here forever and for good reason – the food was fantastic! It gave us a chance to catch up and relax before I headed to Midtown to visit the Empire State Building. This is something I’ve always dreamed of doing, and it was the most breathtaking view I have ever seen of the New York City skyline. It’s come up on one of my favorite shows, Gossip Girl, but actually being there, over 80 stories high, was magnificent and a little scary. Whenever I remember this, I’ll think of skyscrapers stretching for miles and feeling like I was on top of the world.”

Sightseeing in NYC

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You know those little details that can help make your style stand out, like fringe, feminine straps and placed rhinestones? This year, they’ve moved from supporting role to defining presence, and we’re loving the looks that result. Here are a few of our favorite new options and some thoughts on how to wear them.

1. Straps & Laces
Styles with extra straps and lace-up details add a hint of corsetry sexiness to your casual or dressy look. Like bling, these features usually look best without a lot of additional distraction, so clean accessories are the way to go. And it’s the kind of embellishment that’s compelling enough to catch the eye with less-than-central placement, so you can wear lacing in back or let a strappy bralette peek out as an under layer without losing the statement effect.


2. Fringe
Long lengths of fringe are currently taking up real estate on lots of accessories, as well as tops, dresses, jackets, and more. Its airy look and light movement are statement-making but not overpowering, so it wears well with patterns and other embellishments. Try a fringed kimono over a gauzy floral dress, a fringed tank over distressed jeans, or a fringed mini with a graphic tee.

3. Bling
Calling all sequin lovers! Separates adorned in oversized rhinestones offer a runway-fresh approach to embellishment and style that’s in no danger of being ignored. With these pieces, you can cement your best-dressed status by keeping accessories minimal – like slim dangling earrings or a sleek clutch. That said, a boldly badass bootie can be a perfect fit with the shining armor effect of top-to-bottom geo rhinestones. If you just want to dip your toes into this trend, liven up your favorite LBD with some stone-encrusted shoes.

What details do you love the most? Show us on Instagram with #LoveExpress.


Style Blogger | One Dapper Street

On most days, you’ll find blogger Marcel Floruss working his style on the streets of New York. But recently he jetted overseas to show off his casual wear prowess in an out-of-the-way spot in Copenhagen. “We found this cool little underpass, perfect for the vibes I was feeling that day: ripped jeans and a layered hoodie,” he recalls. Marcel’s big on how these slit-kneed jeans represent a simple approach to the edgy distressed trend. Extra cuffing and sock-free sneakers lend that edge a little playfulness, and his combination of top layers – tee, hoodie and bomber – make the look aspirational.

Marcel FlorussAbout One Dapper Street | @onedapperstreet | Marcel Floruss is “just a German dude who loves fashion and all that goes with it.” Based in New York City, he shares regular posts featuring his travel experiences and his easy, polished sense of style.