Whether your July 4th involves fireworks in the park, parade watching in the city or a barbecue in the backyard, have a little patriotic fun with your hangout look. Here are a few of our favorite things for celebrating Independence Day in style.

1. The right spirit

It’s not out of line on the 4th to fall back on fashions that look like they were made from an American flag. But we’re into an approach to Americana that’s more easily wearable, like a flag-inspired graphic tee or a creative combination of everyday items in flag colors. Try a white cami under a red boyfriend shirt or a red sundress with white and blue accessories.

2. Denim skirt

With this one item you can check off a must-have for 2015 and the last color in a red-white-and-blue outfit. Pop it on with a tee or button-up for the 4th, then start thinking about all the ways you can wear it through fall.

3. Shoes that go "boom"

For a day of celebration, get bright and glitzy at your feet with shimmery T-straps, red espadrilles or blinged-out blue and white sandals.

4. Sunglasses

Planning to spend all day outdoors? It’s the perfect time to try out a fresh pair of classic aviators or treat your eyes to the big story in shades right now: round and oversized.

5 Sparklers

This is the one day of the year when it’s totally OK to take your sparkle love to a combustible level. Do it!


Fashion’s romance with the ’70s is in full flush, and with the retro trend comes a variety of bold new patterns that recall the moment when flares and floppy hats first made the scene. While the modern take is more streamlined and easily wearable, these prints aren’t afraid to get busy – or have some fun.

70s Floral

For instance, there’s the perennial floral. Back in the day, big, flowery prints covered kaftans and mini florals popped up on countrified vintage styles like the gunny sack dress. Today, floral prints are making an appearance in all sizes on work-friendly pieces, and for good reason. A more delicate print brings feminine softness to tailored suit separates, while a blown-out floral pegs you as a girl with confidence.

Our favorite tapestry dress

Tapestry and scarf prints are back in a big way, too. Now as then, they’re a natural fit for soft, billowy fabrics and easygoing silhouettes – think maxi dresses and kimonos. The new versions of these patterns take on a personality all their own thanks to seriously vibrant bluespurples and other shades.

Chevron Bag

Also making a comeback: chevron. This time, the pointed pattern is often scaled down for a zigzag effect or featured on accessories like bags and jewelry, so you can wear it as an accent or as a statement. Don’t you love options? Try a few and show us which print look you like best on Instagram with #LoveExpress.




Meet Hali our new intern

We got to meet so many talented, inspiring people in our partnership with Teen Vogue Fashion U, from Leandra Medine to the fashionable girls who’ve been our style ambassadors this spring. Included among them were the college students vying for a position at Express’ NYC studio through our Teen Vogue Fashion U intern search. Today we’re happy to introduce Hali, the girl who won us over. She’ll be interning with our PR department over the summer, handling tasks from media outreach to event planning, and sharing her experiences on this blog. She’s also curated a shop of her fave looks and she’ll be posting the outfits she puts together for her big opportunity on Instagram and Twitter. Until then, here’s what you need to know about this new add to the Express team.


Express PR Intern Hali


Personal Style: “Classic with a twist. I love taking traditional looking outfits and making them personal with accessories like earrings and big necklaces.”

First Fashion Memory: “In third grade, I forced my mom to take me to the fabric store and buy fabric to design my own clothes for my Barbie dolls. Another moment would have to be the first time I watched Legally Blonde. I always wanted to be confident, smart, and stylish like Reese Witherspoon.”

On Working for Express: “I have been wearing Express clothing since high school, and I knew I would love the opportunity to work for the company. Also, I knew I wanted to work in PR because I love how you can have access to exclusive information and work behind the scenes.”


Follow @ExpressRunway for all the updates on Hali’s summer internship and tips on making your work day more stylish.