Silky Soft Twill

Womens Soft Twill Blouse

What is silky soft twill? It’s a fabric so fabulous that we’ve become a little obsessed, sprinkling it throughout our Spring 2016 collection.

Though it’s made from bleached wood pulp, the fabric – known generically as lyocell – has an amazing hand feel, like sand-washed silk. It’s in the same family as rayon and offers the same beautiful drape, but typically with less wrinkling and a bit more substance. With the way it takes to dye, the fabric also makes a great, lightweight stand-in for denim.

Womens Soft Twill Blouse


A silky soft twill boyfriend shirt makes a 90s-inspired slip dress daytime appropriate for a patio brunch with the squad, or pop it over a swimsuit and shorts if you’re headed to the beach. Pair a twill crop top with your favorite maxi skirt and gladiator sandals for your favorite music festival, or a trip to a street fair.

We love silky soft twill this season because the lightweight construction is perfect for spring weather, and the fabric’s versatility makes it ideal for any event on your social calendar.

We’re trying it in casual dresses and moto jackets, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it. Once you do, let us know what you think with a comment here or a pic on Instagram with #ExpressLife.



The Color Code

When you’re trying to decide what to wear to a wedding or other big occasion, it’s hard to go wrong once you’ve got a sharp wedding suit on your back. But for special moments like these, go the extra step and find a look that’s perfectly suited to the environment.

The best way to do it? Think in colors. Below are some hot shade combinations of the moment, plus suggestions for the most appropriate destination weddings and other occasions to pull them out.

Remember, guys, we love to be impressed by how you wear our clothes, so share your occasion style this season on Instagram with #ExpressMen.

mens black wedding suit

mens dress shirts and ties

Color profile:

Sharp, assured and dramatic.

For best results: Deploy this duo with a black or dark gray suit for a formal event or wedding that starts after dark.

mens blue wedding suit

mens dress shirts and shoes

Color profile: Think Wall Street by weekday and Hamptons by weekend.

For best results: Combine these elevated colors with a navy suit when you’re looking to impress someone (prom date parents, the bridesmaid you brought to the reception) or with light-colored, cotton-heavy suiting for a more relaxed garden ceremony.

mens grey wedding suit

mens dress shirts and ties

Color profile: Confident, distinctive and fashion-forward.

For best results: Wear them with a light gray suit against the green, leafy backdrop of a wedding in a park or conservatory and watch those pastels go pop.

mens tan wedding suit

mens dress shirts and dress pants

Color profile: Not as intense as jewel tones yet still attention-getting.

For best results: Wondering what to wear to a wedding in the woods or on the beach? Hook this organically-inspired pair up with cotton-blend suiting in earthy brown or a warm, light neutral for a look that stands out without being flashy.


Guys, it’s time to get comfortable with the part of you that can’t say no to some good feels. It’s what our designers had in mind when they created Express One Eleven for men. This new collection of casual tees and layering options merges fabrics made for ultimate comfort with designs that are rugged, street-smart and easily wearable.
Mens Soft T Shirts
Mens Soft T Shirts
Mens Express One Eleven
Mens Soft T Shirts“I’ve had some people ask what you’re supposed to wear with our new One Eleven collection,” said Chad Molique, one of our in-house stylists. “The answer is really quite simple: anything. It has the everyday styles that you should own, but in this incredibly soft fabric that you HAVE to own.”
According to Chad, “The trick to pulling these pieces into a look is to make it look like your outfit took no time at all, but you know it did.”
Mens Soft T Shirts
For instance: “One of my go-to weekend looks would have to be one of the double knit tees with a nice, clean pair of lighter slim denim,” Chad suggested. “The tee has a new school athletic vibe, so I’d finish the look with a fresh white pair of sneakers and my go-to baseball hat. I’ll throw on a layer like a twill jacket or plaid shirt if it isn’t warm enough yet to wear on its own.”
Mens Soft T Shirts
“But that’s only one of the endless possibilities,” he said. “You could dress some of the One Eleven pieces up with a leather jacket or blazer if you wanted to do a night on the town, or dress them down with some of our cool new utility joggers.”
We can’t wait for you to get a feel of these pieces, or to see how you style them out on the street. Don’t be shy – share the looks you come up with on Instagram with #ExpressMen.