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Style Me Grasie blogger Grasie Mercedes recently let her stripe love shine on the streets of L.A. in our latest trapeze mini. Made of a cotton-blend jersey and tailored in a mock-necked trapeze shape, the dress has got a major mod look and a feel that’s light and easy for spring and summer. According to Grasie, she loves this style because “it can take you from day to night, from the beach to the bar.” We’re loving the day look she made with it. To get your own version, all you need is a cozy cover-up in case of up-and-down weather, some super cute kicks and a tote for a tablet and other essentials. Her oversized sunnies are a fab finishing touch. Slip on a pair if you also want some of the vibe Grasie’s giving off – it says, “Who me? I’m just trying to duck the paps.”

Express Styled by Style Me Grasie

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Ready for a long weekend of taking it easy and raising a glass in honor of Memorial Day? It’s a perfect opportunity to host a casual get-together on your porch, patio, backyard or roof, and since you’re among friends, it’s more than OK to keep your drink and snack options simple. We’ve got a shopping list of easy, tasty suggestions that are appropriately light for the unofficial kickoff of summer. Forward it along to any friends asking what they should bring.

Our Favorite Memorial Day Drinks

The Spirits
Got plenty of vodka, bourbon and tequila? Then you’ve got a solid base for a wealth of summery mix-ins.

Weekend Drink

The Mixers
Iced Tea and Lemonade: Separately and together, they blend nicely with any of the three spirits listed above.
Strong Iced Coffee: Coffee + bourbon + cream and sugar = the best of everything, especially for holiday day drinking. Replace the sugar with a healthy squeeze of chocolate syrup for a boozy iced mocha.
Jarritos: Made with real fruit in a variety of flavors, this Mexican soda is a fizzy change of pace from the standard mixers. You can also mix the mandarin variety with fruity red wine and chopped fruit for a quick pitcher of sangria.

Favorite Spirits

Good to Garnish
Beyond the standard lemons and limes, pick up some blood oranges for a more distinctive splash of citrus in a tequila-Jarritos combo and some fresh mint and basil to bring a more complex note to iced tea or lemonade drinks.

The Snack to Beat
No matter how easy or elaborate your food options, don’t forget a spread of fresh fruit like grapes, berries and chunks of melon. They’re perfectly refreshing on a hot day and they’re filled with water, so they’ll counter the dehydrating effects of alcohol and help keep a hangover from getting out of hand.

The Last Course
There’s no harm in getting extra-festive – as long as no one gets hurt. Make sure you’ve got info handy on all the alternative ways that guests who’ve had a few can get home safely, from ride share apps to neighborhood pedicabs.

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Cue the Coral

It’s nautical in origin and an essential part of the ’70s resurgence color palette, but coral is too crush-worthy to be limited to just a couple of trends. An official “it” color for 2015, the warm, peachy hue is appearing on everything from living room walls to pedicured toes. Here’s how to wear it well.

Pick the Right Partners
You can’t go wrong with pairing coral and white or a warm neutral, like nude. Give the color a fiery edge with a pure shot of one of the tones it combines – orange, red and pink – or cool it down with mint or bright blue.

Make it an Accent
If you love the color but find it a challenge to wear with your skin tone, just add coral to your look as an accent on nails and accessories. This soft-yet-bold color will shine no matter where it’s worn.

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