Season Preview: Festival Style


When we think about festival dressing, we always think of a favorite quote: “The rules are, there are no rules.” It’s the right place to go a little wild with your style – or a lot. Need some inspo for this all-bets- are-off occasion? Check out these profiles and adjust as needed to get the look that feels right for you.


In a sea of denim, her blues stand out. Decked out top and bottom in a denim shirt and destroyed cutoffs, she mixes washes and piles on the fringe for a free-spirited look. With the flat sandals, the shades, a button-up layer for cool desert nights and a bag that’s big enough to hold plenty of water and sunscreen, she proves this beauty comes with brains, too.


She’s never met a paisley print or feather adornment she didn’t fall for. From a simple first layer of a cami and cutoffs, she builds a bright and breezy look with a multi-patterned chiffon kimono, a statement necklace that’s made for swaying to the music, strappy flats and a wide-brimmed hat – hands down the most fashionable form of sun protection.


She wants a simple silhouette that’s weather-appropriate and easy to run around in, but with so-not simple embellishment. Enter the tank with neon sequins, the T-straps with a glittery color pop, the fringe-y hands-free bag and the chandelier earrings that enhance her every move.


Want more inspiration for the festival season ahead?


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Dressing for the Occasion

When we talked with Stephen Curry about styling for his #ExpressMen campaign, his appreciation for the 1MX shirt came as no surprise. Exceptional fits, upscale details and lots of distinctive color choices have made the 1MX a standard setter for over a decade. With spring comes a range of fresh hues for the 1MX and new opportunities for wearing them. If you’ve got some big events this season, we’ve got some suggestions for how to style this button-up right.


EXTRAS: Silk tie with a new take on classic pattern, like placed plaid, Chambray Oxfords, Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch
ANOTHER OPTION: Mirrored Aviators
You want to dress up without getting too serious – a perfect moment for a tie with an off-kilter pattern and fabric lace-ups. If it’s an outdoor ceremony, mirrored sunglasses are a must for sun shielding and people watching on the sly.


Pair a pastel or iridescent 1MX and a narrow tie with a madras vibe for a look that’s all about spring renewal and a refinement level that’s just right. Argyle socks give it a hint of alternate pattern and suede shoes – a must-have this season – add a nice textural touch.


For a wedding, step it up with a bow tie against a 1MX in a darker neutral or pastel (later, take on the rakish look of an undone bow tie on an unbuttoned collar). Chelsea boots are the dapper choice you’ll end up wearing all the time and a chambray accent lightens it all up – suspenders for a dressier affair, a fedora when it’s nontraditional or outdoors.



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The Recap: Teen Vogue Fashion University


For aspiring fashion professionals, spring in NYC brings more to get worked up about than just Fashion Week. Each year Teen Vogue hosts Fashion University, a weekend of events that gives style-minded students a chance to prep for internships and future jobs via networking and advice from the pros. The speaker lineup for this year’s Fashion U included A-listers like Jessica Simpson, Hannah Bronfman, glamour goddess Michelle Phan and Leandra Medine, founder of Man Repeller, and Express was on the scene through it all.


Everything kicked off with a party at our flagship Times Square store. Fashion lovers lined up to get their lashes done and their flash tattoo on to a beat set by DJ Chelsea Leyland. They also dived into racks filled with a selection of our spring styles curated by Teen Vogue’s Senior Market and Accessories Editor, Jessica Minkoff, and Style Features Director Andrew Bevan. These VIPs made the party, along with Editor-in-Chief Amy Astley, Beauty and Heath Director Elaine Welteroth and Luanna Perez-Garreaud, better known as New York style blogger Le Happy.


Before the event, we were proud to work with Teen Vogue on choosing five promising young bloggers from around the country to be our social ambassadors. They all spent the weekend showcasing pieces from our spring collection and sharing their different looks with friends and followers online. Since fashion love is our lifeblood, seeing their excitement over the weekend left us with a major buzz. And their styling ideas – sooo cute. Huge thanks to Tamara Kraus, Caitlyn Mahaffey, Cassy Stone, Deanna Sylvester and Emma Walker for being such fun reminders of what Fashion U is all about.


The weekend may be over, but you can still shop
Teen Vogue’s curated collection for Express.



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Style Transition: Winter To Spring

The seasonal transition – it happens every year and yet it can still catch you by surprise. Something about a few months of extreme weather brings on a kind of fashion amnesia that can leave you wondering, “Now, how did I dress for the last time the temps spanned 30 degrees in a single day?” Relax. We’ve chosen a few key pieces to help you move comfortably through the latest season shift and look great for lots of balmy days ahead.


As spring takes over, this billowy beauty can be added to your style rotation as a replacement for last season’s chunky cover-up. By day, slip it on over a tunic tee and jean leggings, then try it with a cami and mini at night. Bonus: Since it tucks easily into almost any bag, you can start a chilly morning with a heavier top layer and switch to the kimono when things warm up.


If you spent the winter in leggings and an easy-fitting pullover like the Express London Sweater, you’ve already got half of what it takes for a trend-right early spring outfit. Just drop the leggings and pick up a pair of flares, the season’s hottest jean look. With a drapey tunic and some wedges, this denim silhouette goes from ‘70s throwback to nouveau bohemian. Moving forward, keep that effortlessly chic effect by pairing your flares with something blousy, lightweight and shoulder-baring, or trying a denim-on-denim ensemble.


For pure versatility, the Portofino’s one of our all-season faves. If you’ve already fallen for this shirt, you probably wore it over the winter under sweaters or jackets. Now’s the time to give it statement status, especially as we roll out new patterns for spring like neon pink pineapples and over-the-top florals. An easy update: Tuck one of these Portofinos into high waisted shorts. It’s a fresh, classy showcase for your feminine attributes.


Fringe, feathers and turquoise styles are coming on strong for spring, and these desert-inspired accessories can instantly give your look an air of warmth and ease. Just use them strategically to stay out of costume territory. For instance, if you go for something like our Turquoise Feather Fringe Statement Necklace over a basic tee and ripped jeans, go ahead and keep the other extras fairly simple.


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Season Preview: Blogger Style

Like most of us, our blogger friends can’t wait ‘til spring to drop a layer or two and break out some new looks. Some of them have already gotten started, showing off light, pretty styles regardless of below-average temperatures, or getting a jump on the colors and silhouettes that’ll live on through the warmer months. We checked in with the ladies behind the blogs 9 to 5 Chic, Cheetah is the New Black, Gal Meets Glam and Hapa Time for a preview of what’s to come, and to give your stylish self some food for thought. Look and learn.


While spring is always good for getting reacquainted with your favorite bold colors, in 2015, white is red hot. Whether you go for the haute style of achromatic layering or just incorporate a basic tee or jean legging into your look, like Gal Meets Glam blogger Julia Engel, it’s crisp, clean and pairs with literally anything. Right now, blush pink is white’s most popular partner. Having popped up all over the red carpet during awards season, the hue is coming down to earth for the season in pretty blouses, an array of accessories and lace-adorned separates like the pencil skirt on Hapa Time blogger Jessica Ricks.


Easily wearable, wonderfully comfortable and more than a little versatile – this is a look we’re totally down with. A slouchy tunic can look effortlessly put-together over leggings and helps soften the edge of distressed skinnies, as Cheetah girl Alicia Lund and 9 to 5 Chic’s Anh Sundstrom so expertly illustrate. Anh’s addition of a tied tunic tee over her London tunic sweater wins points for originality, and once Cheetah can lose the winter coat, her super cute spring look is ready to go.


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